Girl Power-Walk

Living just outside the city centre I’m in the privileged position of being at the top of a nice, big hill (anyone who knows Sheffield will tell you that it is basically a collection of steep, blustery slopes winding out from a slightly less windy centre). This means that my two-mile ‘commute’ to work is actually a pleasantly invigorating jaunt during which I catch-up on the previous night’s episode of ‘The Archers’ and stop halfway for a skinny vanilla latte. The walk home, though, is a different kettle of fish. Quite literally an upward struggle, it is a hike which requires both mental and physical preparation.

Now, I can’t say that I have a routine of calf and hamstring stretches, but I do plug myself in to a specially created girl-power-walk-playlist which takes me from a gentle warm up to full on hike (the ‘cool-down’ is a cup of tea when I get in). Here are some of the tunes that help me push on towards the summit:

Goldfrapp, ‘Ooh La La’

Gets me up to a good pace, this one. Hopefully no one notices me mouthing ‘ooh lalalalalala’ as I march up Division Street.

Haim, ‘The Wire’

Stride on every beat while I try to resist clapping along.

Taylor Swift, ‘I New You Were Trouble’

Cheesy, but helps me power on while I imagine I’m angry at Harry Styles.

Beyoncé, ‘Who Run the World’

Because, ya know, I run the world and that.

Laura Marling, ‘Darkness Descends’

A calmer tune (with a deceptively energetic chorus) to tamper the feminist rage as I turn onto my street and prepare to greet the boyfriend.


Can anyone suggest any other girl-power tunes that might help my ascent?





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